The DNA Code of the Soul – An aid to a fulfilled life

Publication: 30/12/2022.

Discover the DNA Code of your Soul. By releasing this Code of the Soul, Master Anthon is sharing the spiritual secrets of human evolution with us. After all, each soul has a unique code, which describes your personal life mission. This book gives you practical answers to the following questions and explains them in simple terms:

Why did I choose this life? How does human evolution work? How can I use my intuition? What effect does Free Will have? Why did I choose my parents? How can I maintain contact with my guides? How can I make my stay on Earth successful? What is my soul’s code? How can I grow in wisdom? What is my life’s mission? How can I find peace? Can I change my character? How can I promote compassion? What happens after death? How can I resolve my karma? How do I avoid setbacks? What are my motivations and ideals? How can I attract a soul partner? How do I create Heaven on Earth?

In this book you will learn to discover and decipher the Code of your Soul for yourself.



DNA Report of your Soul (4p – 80 €): This is an extensive version of your DNA Code with a detailed explanation. It contains your Birth Code, Evolution Code, your Type and your Basic Profile, and all the additional Soul qualities: Life Purpose, Age Code, Sphere Behavior, Pitfall Behavior, Settler Behavior, Venus Mars Trap and Adjustment, the Q-Code, the C-Code and the Z-Code.

Update Evolution Code – English

Update Evolution Code (1p – 15 €): If you would like to follow up the evolution of your wisdom level you can ask for a Code Update. An update is possible after having requested your DNA Report.

The Unveiling of your Soul Path

The increasing hectic nature in the world surrounding us makes us more than ever ponder on fundamental questions. What is the meaning of existence? Who am I really? What do I truly want? The answers to those questions are obvious when you take your Soul as a starting-point. This book is the manual for discovering your Soul Path. 15 years of experience on the subject have been summarized into one global statement. It can be seen as the Bible of the New Age.