“Greetings Dear Guest. My name is Anthony van Dijck. I am a higher Soul. My mission is to explain the workings of the Greater Oneness and your place in this whole as well. The Soul is the foundation for this; it gives you a totally new look at life. 

Over the last 20 years I’ve transferred a lot of information about the Soul Path, step by step. It’s very important to me that it will be made available for whoever is open to it.
Why? Because the time is ripe. People are looking for their Soul Path more than ever now. That fits the current Zeitgeist. We’ve arrived in an era of raised consciousness, many are awakening and asking questions about themselves.
Call it the awakening of the Soul. 

However, finding your own life path is a difficult task. There’s a personal map to do this, but it’s difficult to read without guidance. That’s why it’s good to have complete instructions about how to read the map.
The DNA Code of Your Soul is the legend belonging to your map. It clarifies where you currently are and the circumstances with which you are confronted. Your DNA Code is a complete set of personal characteristics, your Soul Characteristics. 

Searching for your path on the map is a matter of trial and error, you learn from experience, from being aware of yourself and from enquiring into yourself.
You find your path by first experiencing life lessons and then applying these in practise. That’s real spirituality.

There are, of course, obstacles on the way, hurdles which keep you away from your own true self. You learn to go through these by trial and error too. It’s also necessary to know your map here, so that you can learn to deal with them and to clear away ballast.
Your path can become a lot easier and more comprehensible and recognizable in this way.

The central key is developing your consciousness. You can only change something which you are aware of. Take it from me, you are acting more unconsciously than consciously.
You also need to answer the most important life question of all: where does my path lead to? If you don’t know where you are going, then you can never find the right way. Let’s make it simple. The only thing you want to do, is follow your Soul. It will show you the way and brings you to the your destination, whereever. Unveiling your Soul Path is a breath-taking and dizzying journey.”

The Centre for Spiritual Insight:

For more than 20 years now, the Centre for Spiritual Insight has been conveying in both word and deed the Message of Sir Anthony for whoever is open to it. The central starting point here is your Soul.

The Message is a practical manual that can help you to become your true self in daily life.

For this purpose the Centre is providing you help, in particular through finding insight in your own life situation and through searching together for the true intention of what is occurring in your life. Accordingly, we can help you discover your deepest feelings, which lie at the basis of your actions.

We give guidance in your personal search towards the true sense of your life. This is done on the basis of 3 pillars:

  • The DNA Code of your Soul: This compilation of personal characteristics forms the basis of your true self. Through acting in daily life in alignment with these qualities, and hence with your Soul, you find satisfaction in life.
  • Requests: To assist you in finding yourself we have requests to offer. These are the basis for unveiling your Soul Path. Two reports are available, a DNA Report of your Soul and an update of your Evolution Code.
  • Our books: In the past 20 years we have published over 20 books. Our most complete works, The Unveiling of your Soul Path and The DNA Code of the Soul is meanwhile translated and published in English. These are reference works that enable you to process the matter on your own pace and they are a source of inspiration which you may consult when desirable.

The Centre for Spiritual Insight is centrally located in Bocholt (Belgium), 2 km from the Dutch border. Our address: Hamonterweg 133 in 3950 Bocholt (hamlet Lozen).

The DNA Code of your Soul:

To grow in wisdom is your Soul’s ultimate wish. Your DNA Code is the manual for finding your Soul’s Path. It is a collection of Soul characteristics that represents your own unique self. The beauty is you recognize yourself quickly on the first acquaintance with your code. Along with this aha! effect you experience by yourself that your code is a reflection of your inner being.

Would you like to have a better knowledge of your Self? The following requests are the manual:

  • DNA Report of your Soul (4p – 80 €): This is an extensive version of your DNA Code with a detailed explanation. It contains your Birth Code, Evolution Code, your Type and your Basic Profile, and all the additional Soul qualities: Life Purpose, Age Code, Sphere Behavior, Pitfall Behavior, Settler Behavior, Venus Mars Trap and Adjustment, the Q-Code, the C-Code and the Z-Code.
  • Update Evolution Code (1p – 15 €): If you would like to follow up the evolution of your wisdom level you can ask for a Code Update.

More detailled informations on all Codes and their application can be found in our book The unveiling of your Soul Path. Would you like to apply for a request or order the book (for Benelux)? Go to Catalog.


At this moment there two books available in English. It’s a translation of the most inclusive books so far written and contains an explanation in detail of all elements of the DNA Code of your Soul. Additional subjects in both books give you a full view on spirituality and explains how to put living according to your Soul into practice.

This book can be ordered via this website via Online. Due to distribution costs, we only deliver to the Benelux.

If you live elsewhere, you can order via your local Amazon website, including Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and Amazon.es.

The DNA Code of the Soul – An aid to a fulfilled life.

William Gijsen – Boudewijn Donceel, 23 € – 298 p, ISBN 9789492340177 – NUR 720/728

Publication: 30/12/22

Discover the DNA Code of your Soul. By releasing this Code of the Soul, Master Anthon is sharing the spiritual secrets of human evolution with us. After all, each soul has a unique code, which describes your personal life mission. This book gives you practical answers to the existential questions and explains them in simple terms.

In this book you will learn to discover and decipher the Code of your Soul for yourself.

The unveiling of your Soul Path – Progressive insights into the DNA Code of your Soul.

Boudewijn Donceel – William Gijsen, 22,5 € – 234 p, ISBN 9789492340047 – NUR 720/728

The increasing hectic nature in the world surrounding us makes us more than ever ponder on fundamental questions. What is the meaning of existence? Who am I really? What do I truly want? The answers to those questions are obvious when you take your Soul as a starting-point. This book is the manual for discovering your Soul Path. 20 years of experience on the subject have been summarized into one global statement. It can be seen as the Bible of the New Age.

Insightful, fascinating, inspiring, confronting, but above all revealing!