The DNA Code of the Soul

To grow in wisdom is your Soul’s ultimate wish. Your DNA Code is the manual for finding your Soul’s Path. It is a collection of Soul characteristics that represents your own unique self.

We ask a Higher Soul for the Code, Sir Anthony. We have been in contact with him for 20 years now and we have asked for more than 15 000 codes. The beauty is you recognize yourself quickly on the first acquaintance with your code. Along with this aha! effect you experience by yourself that your code is a reflection of your inner being.

If you would like to know more about the DNA Code, we recommend our books. A first English translation is now available.

Would you like to have a better knowledge of your Self? The following requests are the manual:

DNA Report of your Soul (4p – 80 €): This is an extensive version of your DNA Code with a detailed explanation. It contains your Birth Code, Evolution Code, your Type and your Basic Profile, and all the additional Soul qualities: Life Purpose, Age Code, Sphere Behavior, Pitfall Behavior, Settler Behavior, Venus Mars Trap and Adjustment, the Q-Code, the C-Code and the Z-Code.

Update Evolution Code (1p – 15 €): If you would like to follow up the evolution of your wisdom level you can ask for a Code Update.

More detailled informations on all Codes and their application can be found in our book The unveiling of your Soul Path.

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