The Centre for Spiritual Insight

For more than 20 years now, the Centre for Spiritual Insight has been conveying in both word and deed the Message of Sir Anthony for whoever is open to it. The central starting point here is your Soul. The Message is a practical manual that can help you to become your true self in daily life.

For this purpose the Centre is providing you help, in particular through finding insight in your own life situation and through searching together for the true intention of what is occurring in your life. Accordingly, we can help you discover your deepest feelings, which lie at the basis of your actions. We give guidance in your personal search towards the true sense of your life. This is done on the basis of 3 pillars:
The DNA Code of your Soul: This compilation of personal characteristics forms the basis of your true self. Through acting in daily life in alignment with these qualities, and hence with your Soul, you find satisfaction in life.

Requests: To assist you in finding yourself we have requests to offer. These are the basis for unveiling your Soul Path. Two reports are available, a DNA Report of your Soul and an update of your Evolution Code.

Our books: In the past 20 years we have published over 10 books. These are reference works that enable you to process this matter on your own pace and they are a source of inspiration which you may consult when desirable. Our most complete work The Unveiling of your Soul Path is tanslated in English and published.

Who are we?

The Centre for Spiritual Insight is being guided by William Gijsen and Boudewijn Donceel.

William Gijsen engages himself at the Centre for Spiritual Insight as a spiritual coach and psychotherapist. Since 1994, he has been using the revelations of Sir Anthony concerning the evolution of the Soul and the New Era.

Boudewijn Donceel used to work as a top manager in the business world for about twenty years, but he has now chosen for a totally different path. At the Centre, he dedicates himself to the enhancement of spiritual insight concerning Soul choices.

The Centre for Spiritual Insight is centrally located in Bocholt (Belgium), 2 km from the Dutch border. Our address: Hamonterweg 133 in 3950 Bocholt (hamlet Lozen).